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AESUB Blue – State-of-the-art vanishing 3D scanning spray 400ml can

53.55 € 74.97 €

Aesub blue is the state-of-the art vanishing scanning spray. It’s developed by 3D scanning experts. You apply the spray on difficult surfaces to be able to capture them with an optical scanner. After scanning you don’t need to clean the object since the spray evaporates after a few hours. The coating is very thin and hom..

7-10 Days

Newest EinScan SE Desktop 3D Scanner - Dual Mode Fixed and Auto Scan 0.1 mm Accuracy

1,736.21 € 1,831.41 €

EinScan-SE 3D Scanner Platinum desktop 3D scanner for various applications The Next Generation of EinScan Desktop 3D Scanner EinScan-SE, Maximize Your 3D Scanning Capability on Your Desktop Shining 3D Introduces the EinScan-SE (Elite), with unique different specifications to meet most applications’ requirement, like education, design & art..

7-10 Days

Shining 3D EinScan SP Desktop 3D Scanner with Professional 3D CAD Software

3,121.37 € 3,330.81 €

EinScan-SP 3D Scanner The expert choice with enhanced 3D Scanning experience High accuracy certified through serious accuracy calibration process Faster scanning speed Make high resolution 3D modeling accessible to professional users Meet your demands for high-quality 3D modeling of rever..


XYZPrinting 3D Scanner 2.0 high-resolution 3D scanner

415.31 € 451.01 €

XYZPrinting 3D Scanner 2.0 - 3D Scanning in a New Dimension Capture physical objects with high detail accuracy using XYZPrinting's portable, cost-effective, high-resolution 3D scanner 2.0. Furthermore, the second and optimized version of the very popular 3D scanner also allows the export into several popular 3D file formats. XYZPrinting 3D-Scanne..

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