DTG UV Double Head Flatbed Printer A3 RF-ZZ2 33*60 cm XP600 Epson without Varnish

DTG UV Double Head Flatbed Printer A3 RF-ZZ2 33*60 cm XP600 Epson without Varnish

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The products are also provided with CE certificate

Basic Info

Model No.: RF-ZZ/ZZ2 2 Print Head Max. Paper Size: A3 Automatic Two-sided Printing: Support Automatic Two-sided Printing Interface Type: USB Supply Paper Mode: Automatic Style: Other Usage: Photo Printer, Barcode Printer, Document Printer, Card Printer Feature: Low Noise, Simple Technics: Continuous Inkjet Operating Mode: Liquid Piezoelectric Inkjet Type: Liquid Inkjet

Additional Info

Packaging: Wood box carton: 850mm*730mm*610mm Productivity: 300 set/month Brand: RFC Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Certificate: CE, FCC, ROSH, SGS

Product Description

Our standard UV Flatbed Printer type can print 30*60cm, but we can customize the height 0cm to 19cm height and the printing width is no limit because you can add extra lead rails. It can print on wall, glass, wood, ceramic tile, etc and the printing effect will be better on flat surface. DTG Flatbed Printer A3 a kind of "non-contact" ink jet type digital equipment, New Dtg Printer application is very extensive. Using the devices supporting the UV ink, in addition to the fabric can't print, almost all other material (mobile phone cover, leather, signs, light boxes, mobile power supply, Flash memory disk, KT board, stone, silica gel, wood, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS etc.) material can be color printing, finished with scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to fade. To achieve a true sense of a seal, no plate, spray dry, a complete color image. Our advantage: Eco Solvent Printer The difference: 1.White ink circulation system, the white ink will be flowing every 30 minutes from the ink tube to the ink cartridge/damper, which will protect the printer head be blocked from the white ink. 2.High-end display screen that can help you know all the printing situation of your printer. 3.Onekey to do the ink suction automatically, no need do the ink suction by hand anymore. 4.Printer with head protection system, adjust the height automatically. It can protect the printer head from knocking, no need adjust the printing distance by hand while it is printing  
Printing Technology: 6 color Micro Piezo digital technology Ink color (UV ink): Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White, White Printer head: Epson DX9 Printing speed: 8PASS 70s for A4 Photo size Max Print Resolution: 24PASS Max Printing size: 33*60 cm Net Weight: 49 kg Gross Weight: 93 kg Print Height Adjustment: 20 cm Printer size: 87cmX72cmX61cm Packing size: 98cmX83cmX79cm Printhead protect: Auto/Manual cleaning/Flash spray funktion Cleaning method: Using computer automatic cleaning function Printer properties - maintenance - nozzle cleaning Operating temperature: 10 C to 35 C (50 to 95 C F) Ink type: UV ink/Textile ink/Edible ink Data transmission: GigE Vision Printing software: RFC printing software (easy opeartion) Power supply: VAC220/110+10, 50HZ-60HZ, Power < 35W Height adjustment: Infrared assisted Induction Print materials: T-Shirt, Mobile case, ABS Plastic, Acrylic, Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Food    
New Dtg Printer
Eco Solvent Printer
Product introduction: Advantageous Features of our DTG Flatbed Printer A3RF-ZZ2: Intelligent: 1.White ink and color ink print together (white + color / color + white); 2. New Dtg Printercan installed with Height Detecting Sensor, to protect print head; 3. A3 Flatbed Printercartridge has Ink Level Detecting Sensor, when ink finished there will be alarming; Precise: X,Y-Axis Servo motors controlled + mute linear guideways; Convenient: controlable air cooling LED UV lamp + smart control panel + print gap electric reader; A3 UV PrinterExquisite: CISS without ink chip+smooth print output+fine result+user-friendly. Packing & Delivery Packaging detail: 1. One set of one wooden case. 2. Wooden case size: 85*73*61cm.
Printer Parts Front 1. Water tank:full water or (cooling liquid) inside (notice: check it is level of water on a regular basis) 2. Emergency switch:rotate it rightward for on, press it in for off. 3. UV power switch:switch for UV lamp (notice: have to full the water tank before on UV lamp) 4. Printing platform 5. Printing carriage:having nozzle and damper and UV lamp inside。 6. Printer’s head cleaning system Back 1. Network port 2. Waste ink bottle:please clean up leaving waste ink on a regular basis 3. Ink tank 4. General power switch 5. General power connector   Control Panel 1. NOZZLE:press it once,printer will do a nozzle check and then it will back the home position automatically. 2. PAUSE:press it once, the printing task will be paused, press again ,it will continue to print 3. CLEAN: press it once the cleaning system will be running to clean the nozzle 4. L :control the printing carriage moving leftwards 5. OUT:control the platform moving frontwards 6. LED display 7. IN:control the platform moving backwards 8. R: control the printing carriage moving rightwards 9. UP:control the platform goes up 10. DOWN:control the platform goes down 11. LOCK:;press it once,The carriage will back home position for keeping wet   Material Attention  the working principle of the printer is untouched printing, that can print variety materials widely as phone case、leather、flash disk、portable power、wood、acrylic、ceramics、PVC、 ABS so on. △! Notice,metal,glass,ceram,as these materials are having a too smooth surface in usually that can’t be stuck on strongly by inks, have to brush a layer of coating before printing. Introduction of Items Flash disc Having coaching video and printing software inside Dongle Be sure the Dongle has been plugged in the computer before use printer. (please keep the dongle who is expensive) Damper It is spare parts,Please keep it well Flat Cable It is spare parts,Please keep it well Limit Sensor It is spare parts,Please keep it well   Installation and Operation In the flash disk there have a series of guide video and document to know how to install the printer. 1. Please get this silver flash disk into the computer. 2. Open the folder of the flash disk Common question solving file: Storing running prerequisite and video for solving problem inside. Coaching video: Having instruction video inside, please check through the video step by step Software and printer driver: Containing printing software and printer driver.   Guide for maintenance Daily task: 1.Shake up the ink bottle before printing 2.press the clean button to do a cleaning and press the nozzle button to check the nozzles 3.check if the nozzle check is good for reduce the defective products producing. 4.wipe the surface of the nozzle with clean cloth for keep cleaning.   2. At the break time. Make sure the carriage is at the home position for keep wet that can reduce the chances of the clogged nozzle   Monthly Task 1.check the level of the water in the water tanks on the regular basis. 2.add the lubricating oil (WD-40) to rails and wheels. (X/Y). Discontinuous use and maintenance requirements: Without use in seven days: For UV printer only: 1. manually clean the nozzle with UV cleaning liquid or alcohol over 95%,,wipe the surface of the nozzle with clean cloth. 2. Clean up the wiper and rubber of cap station,then put the carriage on the home position. For Textile printer only: 1. manually clean the nozzle with Textile cleaning liquid or distilled water, wipe the surface of the nozzle with clean cloth. 2. Clean up the wiper and rubber of cap station,then put the carriage on the home position. Without use over seven days: For UV printer only: 1. manually clean the nozzle with UV cleaning liquid or alcohol over 95%. 2. Remove the nozzle, wipe it with clean cloth and wrap the nozzle up with nozzle box(if don’t have it, you can use Cling film instead of nozzle box )and keep in dark place, 3. Clean up ink tubes. For Textile printer only 1. manually clean the nozzle with Textile cleaning liquid or distilled water, 2. Remove the nozzle, wipe it with clean cloth and wrap the nozzle up with nozzle box(if don’t have it, you can use Cling film instead of nozzle box )and keep in dark place, 3. Clean up ink tubes Notice: In the action of no standard may be damage the nozzle or mainboard, please consult our technician before. Because the nozzle is special goods, We are not responsible due to different storing environment and operation leaded nozzle to be clogged or damaged, (make sure in the situation of using our consumable to maintain the printer). Common Question Solving — Software can’t be opened showing some error interface。 — The printer cannot be connected even if had changed IP.。 — Printed pictures were blurred and ink scattered。 — Adjusting printing position。 — Increasing the amount of white ink。 — How to print white ink。 — Printed ink is yet wet   Software can’t be opened showing some error interface 1. Showing error info or messy code as below picture shown, in this point proving your computer who don’t having prerequisite framework. 2. Plug this silver flash disk and come in folder named common question solving file to find out “Microsoft C++”and open it to install the framework. After succeeded install, please try to open the printing software again. The printer cannot be connected even if had changed IP 1. please make sure is the printer connecting computer by network ethernet cable as below shown 2. please make sure is your printer getting power and on you will know it through printer’s display。 PS: the printer still off? you can rotate emergency switch rightwards to let the printer on. 3. The printer who only can be recognized by gigabit card.so check your network card out if it is gigabit. You can search with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx1gLAC-P98 to know to how check the type of your network card. You can google for how to find out if you have a network card in your PC” 3. have a million ethernet card only in your computer? You can buy a adapter from USB to Network Notice: you buy the adapter who have to be in type of gigabit. Printed pictures were blurred and ink scattered 1. Can’t print a good picture as below picture. 2. You can see these three example of comparison, The first one good quality who is in the best distance about 2-3mm. The second one is bad quality, It be printed out in about 4-5mm. The third one who is in further distance over 5mm Now the summary is if you want best quality you have to print picture in the distance within 3mm. Check this video to know how to adjust the printing distance for printing. Adjusting printing position 1. Open the PrintEXP software and come in this interface. 2. X Margin is for adjusting printing position rightward and leftwards Y margin is for adjust the printing position frontward and backwards. Remember to choose save after adjusted。 Increasing the amount of white ink 1. Select the white ink on the RIprint software and then will get this interface here for adjust amount of the white ink Notice: remember to choose ok to save the data。 How to print white ink Choose the white ink in Riprint software you can find there have a lot of option in the data source type.  Introduction: Printing under any colored pixel: it is to print white ink under pixel where having color of photo are Spot(making spot color with photoshop): this option is for custom picture, that mean you can define the area of white ink anywhere the way you want. Check this video on the silver flash disk to know how to make spot color with photoshop. Fill all area: printing white ink be filled with whole photo Printed ink is yet wet 1. Check if the UV lamp is on. Press the UV lamp button to open the UV lamp. Notice: make sure the water tank have been full of pure water (cooling water) or else the UV Lamp in the risk of be burned out  

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