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Madat Citycoco I3 electric scooter 17-13 inch 45km/h 30 Ah battery 80km


Range: 80 km

You can buy our products in installments.

300-400 EU GHG premium per year

We normally ship E-Rollers in the box. The shipping fee is 70 EU and the customer does the assembly themselves. If you would like the product to come pre-installed, we bring it with our own shuttle and it costs 1.5 EU-each kilometer.

Premium Madat Citycoco I3 with 2000 W motor and 45km/h 30Ah battery

It has great advantages over a conventional scooter.

During testing, Madat Citycoco I3 produces less noise and since

it draws power from batteries there are no exhaust fumes,

meaning it's more eco-friendly and you won't be spending crazy money on fuel!

EV maintenance costs are much less than fuel. In addition,

operating costs and wear and tear are significantly lower.

The battery can be charged anywhere - at home,

at work or at any socket near you.

Speeds of 25 km/h and 45 km/h are possible!

No transport tax


With the attached EU COC certificate, you can immediately

register the car with the insurance company and get your number plate.

Pure driving fun! Only 0.5 cents 50 km (power consumption).


Model: I3

Tires: Front: 140/70 - 17;

               Rear: 215/40 - 13

Max load: 200 kg

Frame material: iron

Top speed: 45 km/h

Range (per charge): 80 km

Motor: 2000W brushless motor

Wheel size: 12 inches

Battery: 60V 30AH

removable lithium battery

Charging time: 4-5 hours

Light: headlight, turn signal, brake light, tail light

Suspension: front and rear

Seat height: 70.5 cm

Size: 222x46x109cm


Please apply or ask your city for electric mobility promotion.

Item specifics

  • 25 KM/H 25 KM/H
  • 45 KM/H 45 KM/H
  • 2000 W 2000 W
  • 30 AH 30 AH
We guarantee our vehicles for 2 years and batteries for 1 year. if there is any malfunction during the warrantly period,we either come and repair it ourseles and bring it back. Or we direct you to the repair shop of our agreed service - partner near you Or we either diagnose remotely and your vehicle at any of the repair shops you have agreed with, we cover the cost.(Only after talking to us beforehand
We guarantee our vehicles for 2 years
We guarantee our battery for 1 years

Electric vehicles do not require detailed inspection, unlike fuel vehicles. Only the tire lining,wheels and brake oil need to be checked. You can carry out these procedures either by yourself, at the repair shops of our service-partners, or at the repair shop you have contracted

We come to your home, bring your damaged vehicle to our workshop and bring it back after the repair.Fee:€ 0.5 per kilometer(roundtrip) Labor costs: Everyone started hours 75 € + Form 1.50 euros per minute of the next hour + Spare Part (if form us) of spare parts are yours. Or we repair your vehicle on site You can buy your vehicles s spare parts from us and repair it at any repair shop you have agreed with Repair is not expensive, if only requires replace-ment of spare parts



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