EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro Engraving Machine CNC Printer without laser head

EleksMaker EleksLaser-A3 Pro Engraving Machine CNC Printer without laser head

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Product Description

Technical Details:
Marke: EleksMaker
Modell: EleksA3 pro
Material Engraved object height limit: Stainless steel and acrylic
Operating voltage: DC 12V
Shunt: DC 2,5A

Control software: Advanced Edition (GRBL) / Easy Version (Benbox)
Engraving accuracy: 0.01Mm
Engraving area: 30x40cm / 11.81 x 15.75inch (maximal)
Engraved object height limit: No restriction
Packing size: 58x40x14cm / 22.83×15.75×5.51inch (L * W * H)
Composite product size: 60x46x18cm / 23.62×18.11×7.09inch (L * W * H)
Package weight: 4.60Kg
Certification: CE, FCC, FDA(Please contact us if you need them)
Function: Ideal for amateur laser engraving use low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions.
Properties: 30X40cm Ultra large engraving area, gantry shape design, no engraving height limit.
Three stepper motor drAllen screwsiveAllen screws Move faster speed.
Can any pictures easily

Package list:
Aluminium-Stick: 5 sticks
Acrylic board: 9 sticks
Stepper motor: 3 sticks
Motor drum in phase: 3 sticks
Patch fitting: 4 sticks
Driver’s cab: 1 sticks
Synchronousbelt buckle belt: 1 sticks
12V Power adapter: 1 sticks
USB Data cable:1 sticks
Glasses: 1 sticks
Kitchen sink: 1 sticks
Motor cable: 3 sticks
Cable slot: 2 sticks
Belt buckle: 6 sticks

M6x15 Allen screws: 12 sticks
M5x10 Allen screws: 8 sticks
M5x10 Allen screwspillar: 8 sticks
M5x30 Allen screws: 10 sticks
M3x16 Allen screws: 4 sticks
M3x12 Allen screws: 14 sticks
M3x12 Module fixing screws: 4 sticks
M5x10 Nylon pillar: 20 sticks
M3x4 Nylon pillar: 4 sticks
M3 nuts: 4 sticks
M5 Spacer: 10 sticks
M5 nuts: 35 sticks
POM bearing wheel: 15 sticks
Parts box: 1

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