Langfeite T9 31Ah 60V 3600W motor folding electric scooter DC brushless motor top speed 55km/h

Langfeite T9 31Ah 60V 3600W motor folding electric scooter DC brushless motor top speed 55km/h

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Item specifics

  • 70KM/H 70KM/H
  • 3600W 3600W
  • 31AH 31AH

Product Description



1200 watts x 3 motors (peak 1800 watts x 3 motors)
18650 lithium battery 60V 31 Ah
Top speed 70 km / h with the front
Hydraulic brake + rear hydraulic brake + electronic brake
Net weight 52 kg with a maximum load capacity of 200 kg
Comfort on bumpy ground and limits vibrations



LANGFEITE T9 three motors 3600W


Overall size (MM): 1300 x 560 x 1280mm

Size after folding (MM): 1320 x 560 x 600mm

Carton size (MM): 1350 x 400 x 700mm


Max. Load (KG): 200 kg

Net weight / (kg): 52kg


Age of people: adults


Top speed (km / h): 70km / h
Range (km): approx. 65 km
Touch ability: 45 degrees
Working temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃


Battery type: 18650 lithium battery
Nominal voltage (V): 60V
Input voltage (V): 67.2V
Battery capacity (AH): 31Ah


Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Motor power: 1200 watts x3 motors
Nominal output: 1200 watts x3 motors (peak output 1800 watts x3 motors)
Nominal voltage: 60V


Rated power (W): 268W
Input voltage (V): 100-230VAC
Output voltage (V): 67.2V
Nominal current: 4A
Charging time: 9 hours (approx. 5 hours with a double charging point)


Wheel size: 11 inch tubeless tires x 3
Frame material: aluminum alloy 6061
Waterproof: IP 66
Suspension: front suspension + rear suspension
Display: LCD display
Accelerate: throttle
Brake: front hydraulic brake + rear hydraulic brake + electronic brake
Color: Black


1 x T9 Three Motors Scooter

1 x Battery 31 Ah, 60 V

1 x 4A Charger 1 x Basic Tool Kit


What do I need to move the bike on German roads?

-If you drive up to 25 km / h, you don't need anything. If you want to drive faster than 25 km / h, it is advisable to take out insurance.

We also have a service that we can insure for you.

If the speed does not exceed 6 km / h, you can use the throttle grip.

Is the product StvO permitted? It drives much faster than the specified 25 km / h. What do I have to do to be able to drive safely with it?

-Not required unless you go faster than 25km, if you want to go faster than 25km you need to have insurance but you cannot go on the bike path, you need to go to the driveway. You must have a driver's license and wear a helmet.

For electric bicycles and e scooters with maximum speeds of up to 25 km / h, insurance and a driver's license are not required!

You can apply for an additional operating permit for bicycles with 250W over 25km / h.

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