Madat-1 500W Bafang Motor LG Lithium Battery Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Madat-1 500W Bafang Motor LG Lithium Battery Foldable Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

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The electric fat bike Madat-1 is a comfortable and stylish all-terrain electric bike. It is intended for men, women, adolescents, with a height of 160 - 190 cm and a weight of up to 125 kg, for traveling on asphalt and dirt roads, paths, sand, light off-road, mud and snow on an electric drive, which can be assisted by pedals.


Wide off-road tires, combined with a front suspension fork, give this off-road vehicle a high flotation ability. The Madat-1 can be ridden in places inaccessible to a conventional electric bike: on sand, snow, off-road. The ride comfort on any surface, including asphalt, is higher for this e-bike than for a conventional e-bike.

The electric fat bike is equipped with a Shimano 7 Speed geared motor. Thanks to the Shimano 7 Speed, it has a torque at the level of direct-drive wheel motors, provides a maximum speed of up to 32 km / h and a ride on gentle slopes without pedals. In the motor wheel + pedals mode, you can increase the maximum speed and drive on steep climbs.

A freewheel built into the motor wheel, when the electric drive is turned off, makes it possible to ride the pedals as easily as on a regular bike. To control an e-bike, there is a throttle stick, a LED display and a PAS system sensor, which connects the wheel motor at the start of pedaling.

The LG lithium-ion battery, allows you to cover distances of up to 60 km without pedaling and up to 80 km with pedals. It is fixed to the frame with a built-in lock and can be easily removed from it for charging or storing the battery. Madat bikes lithium-ion batteries work efficiently for about 5-6 years, and then you can replace lithium-ion cells at a discounted price, getting a virtually new battery.

The Madat-1 is an excellent e-bike for active cyclists using an electric drive in combination with pedals. It combines structural strength, good flotation, comfort and cool design at an affordable price. This is the best choice for European roads!

Technical Specifications

- Maximum speed: 25 - 32 km / h (depends on load and road conditions)

- Maximum speed motor wheel + pedals: more than 32 km / h (depends on the physical capabilities of the cyclist)

- Distance from battery + pedal: 60 - 80 km

- Driving distance from one battery charge: 40 - 60 km (depending on operating conditions)

- Maximum power wheel motor: 500 watts

- Maximum angle of ascent overcome by the wheel motor: approx. 13% (depends on the load)

- Maximum payload: 125 kg

- Electric bike net weight: 27 kg

- Electric bike rough weight: 30 kg

- Dimensions: 1000 mm (length); 470 mm (width); 780 mm (height)

- Frame: Aluminum alloy Foldable

- Suspension front fork

- Aluminum alloy rims

- Wheel diameter: 20 inches

- Tires: CST 20" x 4.0

- Brakes front / rear: Oil Brake

- Pedal drive: 7 speeds

- Drivetrain with Shimano components

- LED headlight

- Footrest

- LED display: Bafang Display

- Power on / off

- LED battery level

- Switching control modes: throttle stick / PAS system

- On / Off LED headlights

- Motor wheel: Rated voltage 48V; rated power 250w, Bafang Motor, permanent neodymium magnets, Shimano 7 Speeds gearbox

- Speed ​​control: throttle stick (the motor wheel is connected and its speed is regulated by the throttle stick);

- PAS system (motor-wheel is activated when pedaling)

- Rechargeable battery: LG lithium-ion, 48V 15Ah

- Battery charging time: 3 - 5 hours. (depending on the degree of discharge)

- Electricity consumption: approximately 1.2 - 1.8 kWh / 100 km

Madat Bikes LG lithium-ion battery packs have a typical, field-proven lifetime of 5 to 6 years.

E-bike color: Black

Note:We advise you to compare any rechargeable battery based on their wattage in watt hours. To do this, you need to multiply the nominal battery voltage in volts and the capacity in ampere hours. The more battery power in watt-hours, the greater the distance traveled, in the same driving mode, for e-bikes with similar parameters.

Complete set

- Madat-1 Fat Tire Foldable Electric Bike

- Automatic Charger AC 100V-240V 2amps


2 year warranty without mileage limitation

We are confident in the high quality of the offered goods.


 The more modest performance of "fat bicycles" on paved roads, compared to a conventional bicycle, is compensated by the electric drive of an electric fat bike. Therefore, if you like the design of the electric Fat bike, you can safely purchase it for trips around the city.

In addition to the catchy exterior, Madat-1 has excellent technical characteristics and high cross-country ability. This e-bike has a high top speed, good traction and unique off-road capabilities, surpassing many mass-produced e-bike bikes while still being affordable. On an electric bike, you can ride in places inaccessible to a regular electric bike: in the forest, on the sand on the beach, snow, off-road. Feel your superiority!

The gear motor wheel with a rated power of 500 watts is reliable, lightweight and compact. It provides high traction for driving on steep climbs without pedals, and with a little pedal assistance - for the steepest climbs, and a maximum speed of up to 32 km / h on electric traction, without pedaling. With a little pedal assistance, the maximum speed of the e-bike can exceed 32 km / h.

The wheel motor is based on the modern high-performance Bafang Motor. The gear motor wheel is made of high quality materials. The proven service life of the majority of Madat bikes geared wheel motors without repair and maintenance is at least 10 years!

The electric bike is equipped with a lightweight and reliable LG lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides a distance of about 60 km without pedaling. With the help of pedals, the driving distance from one charge can be increased to about 800 km. The service life of Madat Bikes lithium-ion rechargeable battery, depending on the operating conditions, usually ranges from 5 to 6 years. Then we can replace the lithium-ion cells in the battery with new ones, which is much cheaper than buying a new lithium-ion battery.

The classic sporty riding position makes pedaling easy and enjoyable. By pedaling the motor to the wheel, the maximum travel speed and distance can be increased. On the electric bike Madat-1, you can ride only with the wheel motor or only on the pedals, without the wheel motor. Gear motor wheel, when riding on pedals, does not worsen the roll. Along with its compact size and low weight, this is another advantage of the wheel motor over direct drive models.

The electric bike drive allows you to move:

- using a wheel motor, without pedaling;

- using the pedals, connecting the motor to the wheel and adjusting its speed with the gas handle;

- only on pedals, with the motor turned off;

Any transport belongs to the items of increased danger, due to its participation in road traffic and the associated risks.

In order to avoid negative consequences that may arise as a result of improper actions, or inadequate technical condition of the electric bike, you must use it for its intended purpose, in accordance with the instruction manual. The cyclist is obliged to study and follow the Rules of the road; move around in a buttoned bike helmet.

All electrical equipment of the e-bike is low-voltage and there is no danger of electric shock to the cyclist during operation, even in the event of any breakdowns of the e-bike. The electrical equipment is protected against water ingress, but its complete tightness cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when traveling in the rain, we strongly recommend using a rain cover.

Please note that the battery of an e-bike is a powerful enough source of energy and cannot be disassembled without appropriate qualifications, as well as immersed in water and other liquids. During the warranty period, it is not allowed to independently disassemble the battery, motor wheel, controller and controls.

- The running distance may vary depending on the operating conditions.

Note: This product description is accurate as of the date it was posted on the site. In accordance with the policy of continuous improvement of its products, Madat Vikes reserves the right to make changes in the specifications and design of the products presented here without prior notice. These changes will be included in the product descriptions within a reasonable time frame.

Power System

Motor: Bafang Motor 500W

Battery: LG Lithium Battery 48V 15AH

Assist System: Speed Intelligent Assist System

Controller: Intelligent Brushless

Charger: AC 100V - 240V 2amps intelligent charger: 3-5 hrs

Display: Bafang Display

Maximum Speed: 25 -32 km/h

Full Charge Endurance: 48V 15 AH (Battery) 60 km

Net Weight: 27 kg

Rough Weight: 30 kg

Maximum load: 125 kg

Package size: 100*47*78 cm

Package 100% manner of folding size

Critical Pieces 

Frame: Aluminum Alloy Foldable

Front fork: Suspension 

Head Bowl: Semi-hidden eight-piece bowl

Handlebar: Aluminum Alloy

Stem: Aluminum Alloy, folding

Brake lever: Aluminum alloy with switch power

Brake: F+R Oil Brake

Tire: CST 20"x 4.0

Rim: Aluminum Alloy

Spoke: 45# Steel 13G with copper cap

Derailleur: Shimano 7 Speed

Pedal: Aluminum Alloy, Reflector 

Chain: TW KMC Chain

Chain Wheel: Steel, 48T Aluminum Alloy Crank

Chain Cover: NIL

Axis: Sealed Axis

Mudapron: PP Plastic

Saddle: Saddle Leather Face

Seat Post: Aluminum Alloy damping

Light: F+R Light

Phone Holder: USB Phone Holder

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