Madat 3 in 1 children's scooter tri scooter Biwond

Madat 3 in 1 children's scooter tri scooter Biwond

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This versatile product has the ability to transform and adapt to skills that your child will acquire as they grow up and want to face new challenges. Get the most out of this 3-in-1 scooter and convert it anytime, anywhere from the 3 options available.

1. Scooter Walker Mode: This mode is for the first steps and is ideal for strengthening your little one's feet. Remove the pedals and store them in the scooter compartment. You will have a great time.

2. Three-wheeled scooter mode: enjoy the first pedaling combined with maximum balance and three wheels, which will give your little one a new experience. You only need to attach the pedals to the scooter.

3. Modality Scooter: If your child already knows how to balance, turn his TriScooter into a scooter for fun. No one will stop him, because after he grew up with his TriScooter, he can now enjoy his first scooter. The pleasure is guaranteed!


  •  Adjustable steering wheel
  • Seat with a cabin
  •  Rear brake
  •  3 transformation modes (pedestrian mode, tricycle mode, scooter mode)
  •  Non-slip and secure pedals and handles
  •  Front cup holder - Storage

compartment for pedals


  •  Materials: steel inner structure, polypropylene (PP) body, polyurethane (PU) wheels.
  •  Handle: ergonomic and not
  •  sliding - Pedals: overhead and non-removable.
  •  slip - Brake: rear brake pedal
  •  Maximum supported load: 60 kg.
  •  Dimensions: 56 x 22 x 70 cm (H x W x D)
  • Height-adjustable handlebars: 3 height levels (56-76 cm)
  •  Adjustable rear wheels: 3.5 cm on each side
  •  Gross weight: 4.8kg
  •  Net weight: 3.4 kg.


  • 2 years

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