Madat New Digital Automatic 6090 UV Printer 6 Colors

Madat New Digital Automatic 6090 UV Printer 6 Colors

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Product Description

Basic Info

Model No.: RF-6090 Automatic Two-sided Printing: Support Automatic Two-sided Printing Interface Type: USB Supply Paper Mode: Automatic Style: Other Usage: Photo Printer, Barcode Printer, Document Printer, Card Printer Feature: Low Noise, Simple Technics: Continuous Inkjet Operating Mode: Liquid Piezoelectric Inkjet Type: Liquid Inkjet Max. Paper Size: Other

Additional Info

Packaging: Wood box carton: 850mm*730mm*610mm Productivity: 300 set/month Brand: RFC Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air Place of Origin: Shenzhen China Supply Ability: 300 set/month Certificate: CE, FCC, ROSH, SGS HS Code: 8443322100 Port: Shenzhen,Shanghai

Product Description

Upgrade Automatic Phone case UV Printer A1+ size 6090 Digital UV Flatbed Printer with 2 head for Epson XP600 6090 UV printer A1

Advantages: No printing stripe defect print white and color at the same time Printing drop height is 5mm (2.5 times of other machines) Price size:60*90cm One button printing Flash print function, effectively prevent plugging Specification:
       6090UV UV Automatic Printer
 Printing methods  Micro Piezoelectric Print head as required drop of ink, Intelligent two-way printing
 İnk color  2 * C,M,Y,K,W,W C M Y K W W W W W W W W
 Printhead  Brand new and original Epson printhead XP600*2 pcs
 Printing speed  1440*720 8PASS / 5 minutes
 Resolution  5760*1440dpi
 Max printing size  60*90 cm
 Max printing heigth  20cm
 Machine size  140cm × 100cm × 69cm
 Packing size  151cm × 111cm × 86cm(wooden case in packing) ≈ 1.4CBM
 Operating environment  Temperature 5°-35°(50°-95°F) humidity 20~80%
 Way connected to the computer  USB 3.0 high-speed ports 100base-T Ethernet interface
 Printing software  RIP software
 Printhead protection  Automatica cleaning / manual printing
 UV light power  100W (double UV light)
 Uv lamp operating temperature  60°C on the surface, 40°C far away 1 cm from the surface
 Net weight (gross wright)  110kg (180kg )
 Voltage and Power supply  VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
 Print height adjustment  İnfrared induction
 Operation system  Windows 7/98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/ XP/Mac/NT
 İnk supply method  Big UV bottles for supplying directly
 İnk type  UV ink
1 2 3 6 4 5 7 10 9 8

Safety Instructions

【!】Advisories and warnings for using the printer and setting up□ Do not place or store the printer outdoors,near excessive dirt or dust, water,heat sources. or in locations subject to shocks vibrations high temperature or humidity,also keep the printer away from direct sunlight,strong light or heat sources □ Make sure placing printer is enough for printer movement □ Place the printer on the level table and keep the printer 。 □ When storing or transporting the printer, avoid lifting it, placing it vertically. □ place the printer near a wall outlet where the plug can be easily unplugged。 □ Do not place the printer near the equipment who having strong magnetism □ Use only the type of power source indicated on the printer’s label □ Use only the power cord supplied with the printer or may result in fire or electric shock □ Not using broken power cord for avoid in fire or damaging printer □ Be careful not to spill liquid on the printer and to touch the printer with wet hands.。 □ Having to plug the plug into the wall outlet totally □ Make sure the wall outlet who power cord connecting have ground electrode □ Do not put your hands inside the printer during the printing □ Never disassemble modify, or attempt to repair the printer, the power cord,plug,printer unit by yourself □ Do nothing for the printer during initializing □ Do not unplug the output data cord during the printing.   (一) Packing List Please open the packing cases after you received machine,clean up the protective film,check the machine whether have road damage,whether have ink spillover,and make an inventory according to the packing list. 1. One set of RF-6090UV Printer. 2. One set of CISS (already installed on the printer). 3. Two dampers(for spare). 4. One softdog(the key to open printing software after you installed, one flash driver(including printer driver and printing software installation package). 5. Some syringes, use to fill ink and suction ink. 6. One network cable(use to connect the printer and computer). 7. Some different sizes of screws. 8. One power cable 9. One sensor(for spare) 10. One set of ink 11. One screw driver 12. Two soft tubes (二)RF-6090UV Printer Instruction The Flatbed Printer is a kind of ink-jet printing type high-tech digital printing equipment which works object non-contact , its application field is very wide, it is a technical innovation in hand painting, all kinds of transfer printing, screen printing technology.Use UV ink,except T-shirt, applicable nearly all kinds of material and picture can be directly color printed by this machine, such as: Phone shell、Leather、Glass、Label 、Metal、Crystal、KT Board、Acrylic、 PVC、ABS、EVA、Plastic、Mobile Power、Stone、U disk、Silica gel and the other materials, after printing , the printout is very resistance to wear 、 scrape、 alcohol scrub、 waterproof、 fade-resistant. It really realize the true sense of one piece print up, no plate-making, namely spray is dry, full color image completely. Emergency switch: Can direct switch off printer in case of emergency Printer Power Switch:Turn on printer Printer Tray:Placing the printing object on tray Infrared Sensor:printing object top surface cant higher then the infrared sensor, just can get through is ok. Now this is the printing object best printing distance(about 2-3mm with printer head), if printing distance far from the printing surface, the image you printed will be blur. Waste ink bottle holder:Placing waste ink bottle there. UV Ink Tubes:Put the tubes into the corresponding ink bottle according the label on the tubes. Waste Tube:When you do head cleaning, the waste ink will come out from here. Ink bottle placing position:Placing the ink bottle into ink cartridge holder. Network cable interface: Use to connect printer and computer Power cable interface: Use to connect power cable Total Power Switch: Use to switch off or switch on the printer, if switch Printer power switch the printer parts or button will not work. Up and Down Switch: Use to adjust the printer tray height, the max height is 20cm UV Lamp Switch: Pls turn on the uv lamp when print UV Cooling Tank: Add pure water to cooling uv lamp temperature   Technical parameters: Printer type: RF60-90UV Equipment size:1400*1000*690mm Packing size1510*1110*860mm Gross /Net Weight180KG 110KG Printer Tray Size:600*900mm Max Print DPI720*1440dpi Ink Consumption15-2 ㎡ Printing object max printing thickness:20cm Ink colors: C,M,Y,K,W,W + 6W Height adjust: Electric adjust, limited height   
Characteristic as following: ●Applicable nearly all kinds of material and picture can be directly spray printed ●Without plate-making,it have output characteristics of time saving and economy,and have fast proofing and production ●It can print 8cm materials. you can adjust the thickness freely ●Uneven materials (uneven within 2mm) all can directly spray printing ●Stable performance, repeat print does not shift, humanized appearance design , simple and easy maintenance ●Use UV ink,except T-shirt, applicable nearly all kinds of material and picture can be directly color printed by this machine ●IT is very suitable color printing on Phone shell、Leather、Glass、Labels、Metal、 Crystal、KT Board、Acrylic、PVC、ABS、EVA、Plastic、Mobile Power、Stone、 U disk、Silica gel and the other materials ● UV INK has white ink, it can print on dark color materials , it makes up the disadvantage that ordinary machine with solvent ink can only printing light color materials.
(三) Preparatory work before starting the machine 一、Check the items according to the packing list After you receive the goods,please open the packing cases, clean up the winding protective-film, check if there is damage during long distance transport, and whether have ink spillover. 二、Turn on machine and let it do self-checking Push the printer tray to printer totally backward position, then turn on the printer by press power switch, then machine will do self-checking, and printer head carriage will move back and forth, after finished shelf-checking, printer head carriage will stop moving, that means printer in the normal condition. When self-checking, printer tray will move to totally back position, so, before you turn on the printer, please leave enough space to let the tray can go back totally Connect power cable and turn on printer Add pure water into uv water tank (Note: 1、every day, you must make the machine be self-checking before it start working, then it can begin printing normally) 三、Install printer driver and printing software You can find out installation package in flash driver A3ZZ2UV(printer driver)(Rip printing software), then according the reminder to click and install, and use network cable connect printer and Connect power cable and turn on printer computer, this time computer will recognize the printer automatically. After installed, insert softdog in your computer, then you can open printing software.(for more details pls see printer driver and printing software installation video) Warming Tips: only after machine finished starting, then you can operate the printer 1.use usb cable connect printer and computer, also input 2.USB cable other sides connect to machine usb cable interface   (四)Printing software usage 一. Printing software usage(this software only recognize TIF/JPG format images, pls change the picture into TIF format before you put it into printing software 1.Open UltraPrint pictures edit software 1.Click“New canvas” 2.Click“Import”“open the TIF format image that you need print” 3.After imported the image, a window will show like this. Select (keep the original size) , then “ok” 4. Adjust the size and orientation of the image after import the image 5. Spot Color(None)Type(Single Dot Mode), then click “ok” 6. Click“Print ”“Resolution choose 720*1440” “PASS choose 16”“Send type choose network”, then click “print”   三. Usage of PrintExp : 1.Open “PrintExp 1. X Margin to adjust back and forth position 2. Y Margin to adjust back and front  2. “ Normal ” print white and color together “only color”only print color “only white”only print white 3.After adjusted all the settings, then click “Save”   Attention: In case of you hit the head lead to head broken, the most important thinks to use this machine is you need adjust the printing distance well between the head and the printing object surface. Adjust the height of printer head and printing object surface about 2-3mm is the best printing distance, then turn on uv button, then you can start to operate the machine. Print about 2 times, make sure machine can normally run, then start to add ink.
(五)Add Ink 1.Take out the ink of Black, Yellow,Cyan,Magenta, White, totally add 5 bottles ink.Make 4 wholes for each cap of per color ink(CMYK),make 3 wholes on the white ink cap.And placing the ink bottle into ink cartridge holder 2. Please insert each tubes to the corresponding ink bottle according to the label, 2tubes with white label are put into one white ink bottle. 3. Please make sure all the tubes put into the ink bottom, otherwise the air will get into the bottle which lead to some color will not print well. 4.Check if waste tube in the waste ink bottle, then click “Clean”--2 head-All--Clean strong.
5. When do head cleaning you can go to waste ink bottle to see if ink coming out from waste ink tube, if the ink come that means pump ink successful, if no ink come out, please repeat the step   Attention: If you need to transport the machine, please take out the dampers from head and put higher then head first, then take out ink tubes from ink bottle, use syringe to draw out all the inks in tube and dampers. Then use something wrapping the damper wholes in case of ink leak out.(The purpose of this operation is to prevent the ink from flowing during transportation.) The ink in dampers and the tubes must be totally draw out. Otherwise, the ink will flow back, In this case, the machine will cause ink to overflow and contaminate the box.   (六) Preparatory work before Printing 一.A3 ZZ2 UV Printer How to do head cleaning automatically and print nozzle check 1、Head cleaning automatically New printer the first time loading ink, it will happen color mixing problem,and you need do head cleaning the ink will come properly, then you can print good nozzle check and good quality pictures. (After the machine has been used for a period of time, if it is found that the printed nozzle inspection pattern has a broken line, it means that it is lacking in color, that means the printer need to do head cleaning.) Head cleaning method:Open printing software page as pictures mark Click “Cleaning” ; “Double head-All”; “Head cleaning-Weak”. the first time use machine please repeat this 3 times. When doing hrad cleaning the head will spray ink automatically When head cleaning, the ink will come out from waste tube, please check if the ink coming out from there, if it is coming that means machine normal Attention: the first time use machine please repeat this 二、Print nozzle check 1、Push the tray at the front position, use double tape stick one A4 size paper on the tray(in case paper move while printing), and then press up button let tray goes up (adjust the printing distance about 2-4mm between head and printing surface.), then click print nozzle check,(picture as follow) 1.use double tape stick one A4 size paper on the tray,avoids it will touching the head, make sure the printing surface flatbed 2.Press“in”button let tray go back to the position where head it is. 3.Press“Left”button let he head move to printing object position 4.Screen control panel, you can adjust the printing height here After 5. The printing distance between head and printing object is about 2-4mm(printing distance cant be too far nor too closer, to closer will hit the head, too far printing quality will blur) 6. After you adjusted the printing height, press button let printer head back to original position 7. Press “Nozzle”button printer will print nozzle check automatically 8. finished printing nozzle check, the tray will go out automatically 9.Check if there is any color mixing or lack of line conditions, if all the lines are good like this you can direct print your image well 10. Remove A4 size paper from tray, direct print nozzle check on tray, to see if white ink come out normally, if each lines come out like above picture show, that means white ink come out properly, you can direct print images. Attention: The most important things need to be pay attention is you must to adjust the printing height between head and tray carefully before print, avoids hit the head. If the nozzle check you print detected many lines, please check ink tubes are connected will, and also check if the dampers are full of ink, check if the tubes any air in it, then do head cleaning , the first time you set up the machine please do head cleaning 3 times   (六)Notable matters and common problems when using the machine 1、UV printer can print almost everything except T-shirt,you need do pre-coating first when print glass、metal 2、After the machine use a while,you find the picture is not good, please print nozzle check and do head cleaning 3、Ink bottle must be putted on the“Cartridge Holder”, too high or low position is not good, it will cause high pressure.the level of the ink must lower than the print head,otherwise the ink will leak out from the print head. Please check the waste ink bottle at fixed period 4、Special attention matters when printing A、Make sure the print tray is located in the rear position before printing each time , let the machine be ready for printing B、When the Print tray is in using process, do not drag, otherwise, it will can't normally print. C、The printer finish printing when there is no printing , then you can take out the material D、Make sure the flat surface of the print tray don’t touch the “Limit board” 5、Every time we only can release one print command,if the machine don’t print correctly, you need to cancel the print task and release the new print command. 6、Adjust the height of the print tray Different material has different thickness,we should adjust the height of the print tray by press “up/down switch”.The best print quality is that the distance between the material and the head is 2mm, must avoid too high, otherwise it will damage print head ,nor less than 3mm,too low position will affect the image.We had helped you do the limited board before we send the cargo out. It is the best height to be printed objects from the nozzle,when the print tray just can pass the limit board. 7、You had better add sewing machine oil on the track that the print head move back and forth,in order to reduce resistance,otherwise it will happen flash red when start the machine ; What’s more,we should add oil on the track that the print tray go through, if the track resistance is big,the tray will not move, it will affect the print precision too. 8、Because the white ink is easy to precipitate, it is best for customer to shake the white ink for several minutes before using the machine everyday. If you don’t use the machine for a long time ,please shake the white ink for several minutes and suction the white ink from the ink sac 6 again(the way please see “Suction Ink”), the ink that suction out can put back into the bottle and continue use, after suction the ink ,you should do head cleaning again. 9、The UV ink will curing when come across the UV-light, so please don’t lay the machine on the place where can be shined 10、Attention of choosing picture A、No matter the pictures from the Internet or the customer offer, you must determine the clarity of the picture,poor clarity will cause poor print quality. Generally speaking,we should provide more than 300dpi to get good quality . B、When we need to print pictures,it is best for us to design the picture the same size as material printed by PhotoShop (or AI), please don’t directly modify the size in the AcroRIP, otherwise the picture will widen or lengthen, the picture will be disproportionately 11、Check the water tank regularly: UV LED is cooled by water, please check if the water is full every month, the way as followings check the water tank take down the screw with screw driver or ruler check whether the tank is full of water, if not full, please add water you can use syringe to add water,please turn on the main power, turn off the UV

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