Madat Refinecolor DTG UV double head flatbed printer A3 RF-ZZ2 33 * 60 cm for mobile phone cases Textile ABS Plastic Plastic Acrylic Metal Glass Ceramic Food with lacquer

Madat Refinecolor DTG UV double head flatbed printer A3 RF-ZZ2 33 * 60 cm for mobile phone cases Textile ABS Plastic Plastic Acrylic Metal Glass Ceramic Food with lacquer

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The Products are provided with CE Certificate also

The products are also provided with CE certificate

Any kind of picture you can imagine, our machine can print on any material directly. Just enter the picture into the computer. Therefore, operators can create a time-saving and highly efficient first-class decoration technique and allow customers to be satisfied with home decoration without base painting, without a large painting team.

Built-in white ink circulation system: White ink circulation in non-working time does not clog the sprinkler every day.

Nowadays more and more people pursue the personality, they want to shape their environment according to their interests. The A3 UV inkjet printer was invented and meets these requirements. Our machine can realize the personality of any material without professional stylists and designers.

The Gigabit Ethernet port carries out the data transfer, power failures and automatic storage parameters are not lost.

LED indicator: Shows the percentage of printing. 

Advantages of ZZ2C vs ZZ2

1. The traditional structure is upgraded, from the appearance of the previous industrial model to the appearance of a three-dimensional mechanical device witha a cover, which better maintains the neat appearance of the device and has a more obvious dust-proof effect. 

2. Upgrade of the rack, using metal rack transmission instead, will not cause printing errors due to thermal expansion and contraction of the synchronous belt. 

3. White ink circulation upgrade, upgrade the diameter of the white ink circulation pump, increase the working frequency and range of the circulation pump, and greately reduce the probability of white ink plugging.

4. Optimize the fixing method of the chain, and further reduce the noise decibel on the original mute effect.

5. The infrared ray is upgraded again, which increases the automatic drop of the platform when the platform enters and the automatic rise of teh platform exits after printing, which greatly reduces the risc of the print head being scraped due to improper operation.

6. The board is upgraded. The board is upgraded again to reduce the pass of white ink, and the effect of printing black textiles is better. 

7. The two-way printing of teh board is upgraded, and teh two-way calibration is simplified (the previous multiple calibrations). Now one calibration can be achieved, which greatly improves the printing efficiency and reduces the risc of white leakage. 

8. The appearance design of the upper cover can well block the blue light of the LED lamp, avoiding the dizziness of the operator during long-term operation of the equipment. The design of the upper cover also reduces the decibel rate genrated by increasing the white ink circulation pump. The previous 250 ml ink cartridge, reducing the number of times customers need to add ink during the printing process. 

Printing technology: 6-color digital micro-piezo technology

Ink color (UV ink): cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white

Printer head: Epson DX9

Printing speed: 8PASS 70s for A4 photo size

Maximum print resolution: 24PASS

Maximum print size: 33 * 60 cm

Net weight: 49 kg

Gross weight: 93 kg

Print height adjustment: 20 cm

Printer size: 87 cm x 72 cm x 61 cm

Package size: 98 cm x 83 cm x 79 cm

Print head protection: automatic / manual cleaning / flash spray function

Cleaning method: Using the computer's automatic cleaning function

Printer Properties - Maintenance - Nozzle Cleaning

Operating temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C (50 to 95 ° F)

Ink type: UV ink / textile ink / edible ink

Data transmission: GigE Vision

Printing software: RFC printing software (easy to use)

Power supply: VAC220 / 110 + 10, 50 Hz - 60 Hz, power <35 W.

Height adjustment: infrared assisted induction

Printing materials: T-shirt, cell phone case, ABS plastic, acrylic, metal, glass, ceramic, food

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