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Product Description

Get the reliable Wanhao Duplicator D12 / 300 3D Printer - Dual Extruder - 300 * 300 * 400mm. The Wanhao Duplicator D12 / 300 will amaze you with smart features such as manual bed alignment, single / double extruder, and an adjustable XY belt.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Power failure Continue printing
  • Touch screen preview function
  • Quieter with the sleek TMC2209 chip
  • Two-tone print
  • Dual extruders in one hot end
  • Good build volume 230x230x250mm
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen with preview function
  • WiFi support
  • Filament sensor
  • Power failure Continue printing
  • Close the TMC2209 stepper motor driver.
  • Adjustable belt tensioner
  • Overall dimensions: 520mm x 330mm x 500mm
  • Total weight: 8.56 kg
  • AC voltage: 230 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Shipping box: 535mm x 480mm x 275mm
  • Gross weight: 11 kg

Built on a frame of high quality aluminum profiles, this robust machine delivers impressive results.

With a dual-extruder hot-end design, you can print in two different colors or use a carrier material such as PVA.

Easier than regular dual extrusion as you only need to align one nozzle. Or just convenient to have two of your favorite filaments ready to print at the same time.

Beautiful 5 '' color display with touch function. Intelligent and intuitive menu system that allows you to preview your printable model.

Wi-Fi support, so you can communicate directly with the printer wirelessly.

Magnetic spring plate allows easy removal of printer models after printing.

Newly developed MK12 extruder with efficient nozzle cooling system. Improved high torque retraction mechanism. The small Bowden tube that powers the hotend with a lighter moving part means you can improve your typing speed.

The X-axis tape can be easily adjusted to further fine tune the print result.

Easy alignment thanks to large, easily adjustable adjusting nuts.

Auto-renewable yarn runout sensor

It is very easy to assemble even for a beginner. The units are delivered pre-assembled; All you have to do is tighten a few screws. You will start typing in no time.

Constructive and technical details

Used nozzle type: MK12

Useful filament diameter: 1.75mm

Maximum. Nozzle temperature: 255 ºC

Open Thread System: Yes

Extruder type: Bowden cable

Recommended Print Speed: Max. 150 mm / s (depending on material)

Construction area: 230 mm x 230 mm x 250 mm

Double structure area: 230mm x 230mm x 250mm

Maximum. building board temperature: 105 ° C

Building board surface: Adhesive film

Building board material: flexible steel plate

Panel Mount: Magnetic

Building board leveling system: manual leveling

Build cameras in progress: open


extruders: 2 Extruder type Double: 1 nozzle, mixed


HEPA filter: No

Thread Runout Sensor: Yes

Power Failure Protection: Yes

Touch screen: Yes


SD Card: Yes, Micro-SD

USB connection: Yes

WLAN: yes


layer height: 0.1 - 0.4 mm

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