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Langfeite T8 1200W x2 dual motor 26ah 11inch folding electric scooter top speed 70 km/h max load 150 kg double brake system EU plug

1,785.00 € 2,314.55 €

LANGFEITE T8 FOLDING ELECTRIC SCOOTER PROPERTIESThe 1200 W wheel motor offers a maximum speed of 70 km / h and a maximum gradient of 45 degrees.60 Ah / 26 V Li-ion battery (included in the product) for a maximum mileage of 70 km.11 inch rubber hose wheels for various reasons.Quickly collapsible design for easy carrying in the trunk.Aluminum al..

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Madat G2 PRO 48V 15Ah 800W Motor 55km Folding Electric Scooter Brushless Motor Top Speed 45km/h

1,180.48 €

 Madat G2 Pro 48V 15 Ah 350 W PRO, LIKE ITS NAME UNITESA cool look paired with more power.Forged with care by professional designers.Out of this came Road Master. This is the G2 PRO.BIG TIRES, BIG COMFORT!With 10 inch pneumatic tires and double damping, theOversized tires for ultimate grip. smooth ride,like dancing on the clouds.12.5AH B..

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Madat Kugoo 2 Pro 7.5Ah 350W Motor 30 km Folding Electric Scooter Brushless Motor Top Speed 30km/H

500.99 €

 Madat 2 Pro 7,5 Ah 350 W  A RUNNABLE DRIVING EXPERIENCE Madat 3 PRO Scooter has an extended range of up to 15 miles.For short trips, you can not worry about the power shortagedo on the street. 350W POWERFUL MOTOR With the drive of the 350w you still feel good uphill.In addition, the tires have an individual profile de..


Madat Volta VSM electric bike e bike e scooter 16 inch 14 inch 25km/h 14Ah VRLA gel battery 35-50km

1,092.42 € 1,370.88 €

It will make a lot of mention with its economic feature and ease of use!A few of the most important features can be counted as follows. Wıth a very low electricity cost it can go up to 55km with a full charge. It has a portable battery that can be easily removed and recharged. A comfortable and high quality saddle. Angel Eye headlight that will mak..


Nanrobot D4 plus 2.0 electric scooter E scooter 10 inch up to 65-70 km/h 23Ah battery 55-65 km

1,836.17 € 2,201.50 €

Newer and BetterUpon its release, the D4+ took the world by storm. But it gets even better. Givenour determination to upgrade on several features, the NANROBOT D4+ 2.0 wasborn .It features the latest technology specs and a better-optimised system.Power, efficiency, safety, it got them all.Commute in style with the Nanrobot D4+ 2.0 that co..


Nanrobot Spark 500W 36V 10 ah electric scooter

929.39 € 1,065.05 €

Easy to use. Fun to ride. Light to carry. Well built. The breakthrough design in 2021 of the Nanrobot X series. The Nanrobot X-Spark brings a stunning modern design with an aerospace-grade aluminum frame. It features a 500W motor that can travel up to 19 mph and a distance of 22 miles. The hidden folding mechanism and wires make it look sleek and r..


Yume D4 plus 23.4ah 40mph 2000W dual motor folding electric scooter 65-75 km/h top speed 80km range mileage double brake system max load 200kg EU plug

1,600.55 € 1,693.37 €

Fast ShippingDual Drive - 1000W x 2Up to 40 Mph/40 Miles52V23.4AH Battery YUME D4+ Powerful 10" Dual Motor 2000W Pneumatic tireUp to 40Mile&40MPH Foldable Electric Scooter for AdultsMain Features:POWERFUL MOTOR AND SPEED: Powerful 2000W high speed DC brushless DUAL motors, reach up speed of 40 mphLONG RANGE: 52V23.4AH lithium battery and l..


Yume D5 52V 2400W dual motor 23.4ah folding electric scooter 65-70 km/h top speed 80km range milage 10inch off road pneumatic

1,785.00 € 2,082.50 €

52v 2000w YUME powerful dual motor electric scooter Feature 1)Dual motor 2400w high speed brushless DC motor , Super power 2)10inch big wheels off road tire or road tire, Adapt to all kinds of pavement 3)Front and Rear Super rear shock absorober structure,Disc brake+ unique rear fender, More comfortable and safer 4) Strong bms defensive func..


Yume X11 E roller Electric scooter Elektroroller 11 inch up to 90 Km/H 38.5 Ah Battery 90 Km

2,651.32 € 2,832.20 €

YUME X11 60V 38.5AH Samsung Cell 5000w powerful folding 2 wheel electric power scooter with seat adult Features: 1.YM X11 electric scooter is one of our off-road electric scooters with adult seats 2. With oil brake, double front and rear suspension 3. Motor for scooter can be customized 1000W x 2 or 2500W x 2 4.YM X11 Electric scooter tires ..


Yume YM10S 48V 100W off road folding electric scooter 10 inch 45km/h top speed 45-50km mileage range max load 120kg

1,190.00 € 1,505.35 €

Fast Shipping 48V 21AH.Single Motor - 1000W Up to 30 Mph/30 Miles48V21AH Battery YUME S10 Powerful 10" Motor 1000W Off-Road Tires Up to 30Miles&30mph Foldable Electric Scooter for AdultsFeatures:POWERFUL MOTOR AND SPEED: Powerful 1000W high speed brushless DC rear motor, reach up speed of 30 mphLONG RANGE: 21AH 48V lithium battery and..

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