With the GHG quota e-scooters, e-motorcycles and S-pedelecs for free!

The GHG quota was originally intended for electric cars. However, electric two-wheelers such as e-scooters, e-motorcycles and speed pedelecs can also apply for the GHG premium.

- Possibility to earn 300-500 EU per year

- 300 EU delivered in 2-3 days

- 400-500 EU is delivered between 10-12 weeks

- The campaign will continue until 2030

- You can also do your transactions through us


All you need is a vehicle registration document and license plate. After receiving the vehicle registration document and license plate, you can apply for the GHG premium.

So what is required to obtain a vehicle registration certificate? For this you need a COC certificate or an operating permit.

In addition, a technical report is sometimes required, depending on the region in which you are applying for a vehicle registration certificate. This document is optional!

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