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Langfeite L8S 4 pcs strong front suspension shock absorber spring for L8S FLJ T11 Laotie ES10 2020 Iezway lamtwheel yume YM10S YM D4 10 inch electric scooter spare parts

58.31 € 79.73 €

4 PCS STRONG FRONT SUSPENSION SHOCK ABSORBER SPRINGSuits for:- FLJ T11- LAOTIE ES10- 2020 IEZWAY- LANGFEITE L8S- LAMTWHEEL- YUME YM10S- YUME YM-D4Specifications:Material: Metal (Made of metal material which is durable and sturdy.)Shockproof: It is shockproof and protects you when you go out on the scooter.Compression: Slow compression offers little..

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