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Madat lithium-ion battery charger for EP-2, EP-2 Pro, Madat-1, Madat-2, and other e bike chargers with 48V-52V power

82.11 € 105.91 €

LI-ION BATTERY CHARGER FOR ELECTRIC BIKE 48-52VBATTERY CHARGER SPEED CHARACTERISTIC Model Number: LBC030546020Input: 100—240V—2.2A (Max.)            50—60HzOutput: 54.6V — 2.0ATHIS CHARGER SUITABLE:The product is also suitable for Engwe EP-2, Engwe EP-2 Pro, Madat-1,Madat-2 and other e-bike chargers with 48V..


Madat Panasonic lithium-ion battery for Madat-2, Madat-2 Pro 48V 12.8 ah

199.92 € 303.45 €

The product is discounted. Try to take advantage.POWERFUL PANASONIC BATTERY 48V 12.8AHThe 48V 12.5Ah reliable high-density removable Panasonic lithium battery,ensures the safety of the electric system.CHARGING TIME AND CRUISING RANGE PANASONIC BATTERYAbout 5 hours. The single charge power can provideup to 35-40 miles of auxiliar..

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Engwe anti slipping cross country tires 20 x 4.0 inch engwe Ep-2 Pro, Engine Pro, Madat-1, Madat-2

29.75 € 35.70 €

ENGWE ANTISLIPPING CROSS COUNTRY TIRES  20 x 4.0 INCH ENGWE EP2 PRO ENGINE PRO  MADAT-1 MADAT-2— STRONG AND SOLID - In the tire using microporous foamingtechnology, which is light, resistant to punctures, explosion proof,strong and durable.— ANTI SLIPPING - Durable and flexible rubber tires can provide traction on any terrain.— ANTI ..


Engwe hydraulic brake for Engwe Engine Pro suitable with Madat-1, Madat-2 Pro, Madat-1 Deluxe, Engwe Engine Pro electric bike e bike spare parts

99.96 €

ENGWE HYDRAULIC BRAKESuitable for: - Engwe Engine Pro- Madat 1- Madat-2 Pro- Madat-1 Deluxe#brake for engwe engine pro "brake for engwe engine pro" #brake for engwe "brake for engwe" #brake for engwe buy "brake for engwe buy" #engwe Hydraulikbremse kaufen "engwe Hydraulikbremse kaufen" #engwe Ersatzteile kaufen "engwe Ersatzteile kau..

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