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New electric motorcycle that will overcome all obstacles! So that you enjoy your daily activities, with the ability to use on roads and areas for cars. Forget maintenance, because unlike an internal combustion car, you no longer have to worry about filters or complicated repairs. Charge it at home and go!

Its modern design is accompanied by very high quality components to ensure not only pleasure but also your safety.

It includes a removable 60V / 20Ah lithium battery built in from the factory, which will provide you with enough power for a runtime of up to 65 kilometers. This electric vehicle is equipped with a front LED light, which provides a wide viewing angle for perfect driving both day and night without any hazards. In addition, the LED headlight includes other components that ensure a completely safe driving experience, such as front and rear disc brakes, front and rear shock absorbers, and a horn.

One of the big advantages that its modern design gives us is its double seat, which allows us to carry a second passenger while we are driving it. In addition, the latest generation digital marker will continuously display the speedometer, kilometers traveled, battery level and voltage.

Our E-Thor is the ideal vehicle for everyday driving, it can be used even on roads and areas intended for cars. Its powerful 2000W brushless electric motor will provide you with great benefits that you will notice from the first moment you drive:

- Maximum savings in consumption. You can travel 100 km for less than € 1 for electricity.

- Much simpler and easier maintenance. Forget about filters, oils and / or gaskets.

- No unpleasant smell, no oil stains, no refueling at the gas station.

- No annoying noise

Plus, our new E-Thor is completely waterproof, so you can ride it wherever and whenever you want without worrying about weather forecasts.

And not only are there remarkable combustion savings. From the first moment you will notice the low running costs compared to an internal combustion car. Consists of an electric motor in the wheel, a lithium battery and a controller. These are three key elements that will make this car work. Forget about bad startup attempts that you almost never have.

This version, approved as a moped, has a power of 2000 watts. The strength and power is more than enough for loads up to 180 kg and climbing slopes up to 15 °. In addition, the 20 Ah battery will allow you to travel up to 65 km on each charge.

The lithium battery provides fast recharging, charging time is 4 to 5 hours.

Accelerates to 45 km / h.

Large E-Thor wheels provide impressive ride stability with reduced risk of falls. It can be operated from 15 years old and without age restrictions! The product is made using 3D design technology. It is a unique modern product with a minimalist structure.

Also has the following certificates: CE. ROHS, UL, offers you high quality and safety when purchasing this product.


This model, homologated as a moped, includes front and rear direction indicators, low and high beam, brake light, side light, license plate light, horn, rearview mirrors included. Unlike other models that are not subject to registration, this model also includes some important changes required by European regulations in order to be classified as a moped, for example:

- 60 V and 20 Ah lithium battery with high autonomy.

- Approved lighting system. Short and long light, indicators, side light, license plate light.

- Approved odometer.

- Rear view mirrors.

- The frame number is engraved on the chassis.

- Switch on the side support ("stand")

- Steering wheel lock with key.

- Front and rear disc brakes.

- The maximum speed for an approved moped is 45 km / h.



- Motor: 2000 W

- Battery: 60 V 20 Ah

- Mudguard Color: Hip Hop

- Frame / Chassis Color: Black

- Maximum speed: 45 km / h

- Autonomy on one charge: 65 km

* All of our Citycoco batteries can be charged on a motorcycle or removed and charged separately.


- front shock absorber

- Horn

- Dual pneumatic rear shock absorber

- Front / rear disc brakes

- Front light (short and long) / Rear position and brake light.

- Front and rear indicators

- Digital display (odometer + battery / voltage level)

- 2 starting keys

- Maximum load: 180 kg

- Scooter weight: 85 kg.

- Dimensions: 170x37x74cm

- Charging time: 4-5 hours


Two years for all components and parts of the product, including the battery.

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