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E Scooter E Roller Spare part Solid perforated wheel – 8X2 inches V2 (Not valid for Xiaomi)

Suitable for all e-scooter models of this size

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New improved version: Product with the same measurements but greater absorption of bumps

Includes: Solid perforated wheel measures 8x2 inches.

Not valid for Xiaomi brand scooters. (For Xiaomi M365 you need an 8.5-inch wheel).

Solid wheel installation:

  • Soak the rim with fat or, failing that, margarine or butter.
  • Put the wheel in the microwave for 2 minutes (1 minute on each side).
  • rest the tire on the ground. Place one part of the wheel on the rim and put the opposite part of the wheel on the rim. This is how the two parts would look inside the tire. With a screwdriver, insert the rest of the parts until the entire wheel is inside.
  • Use the holes to insert the screwdriver into these holes.

ETWOW compatible

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