Nanrobot Spark 500W 36V 10 ah electric scooter

Nanrobot Spark 500W 36V 10 ah electric scooter

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Item specifics

  • 45KM/H 45KM/H
  • 500W 500W
  • 10AH 10 AH

Product Description

Easy to use. Fun to ride. Light to carry. Well built. The breakthrough design in 2021 of the Nanrobot X series. The Nanrobot X-Spark brings a stunning modern design with an aerospace-grade aluminum frame. It features a 500W motor that can travel up to 19 mph and a distance of 22 miles. The hidden folding mechanism and wires make it look sleek and refined.

Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service: Germanian, English, Russian, Turkish

You can get repairs and service at the Madatshop Store.

İnsurance service: E-Mobilities over 25km/h need to be insured.

WARNINGS: Madatshop technologies gives a 2 year warranty on all its products.


Top speed: 35KM/H

The product has an option such as speed adjustment.

If you want, you can increase the speed up to 70KM/H.


The model is designed for single. A speed limit of 45 km / h is provided with the possibility of speed limiting. The resource of the battery allows you to make long trips within 4 hours of continuous operation of the vehicle, covering a distance of up to 80 km without additional recharging of the battery.

100% street permitted

100% COC Certificate

Driving license: Any driver’s license is valid.

You can get license plate through the COC certificate and start to drive on the street.

Unfolding Size: 119*57.5*115 cm

Folding Size: 119*57.5*53.5 cm

Range: 25-35 KM/15-22 Miles

Single Drive: 500W Brushless

Brake: Rear disc brake + Front electronic brake

Lithium Battery: 36V 10AH

Tires: 10x3'' Pneumatic tires

Max loading weight: 100kg

Speed  Modes: 15/25/35 KMH

Charging time: 7 Hours 

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Handgrip material: TPR

Net Weight: 19KG/40LB


If you are new to scooters and want to choose one for daily commuting, as an entry-level scooter, X-Spark is definitely worth a try.


Air-filled 10-inch tires mean the X-Spark makes most surfaces feel silky smooth.


Its lightweight aluminum construction allows you to quickly fold it down for carrying and storage.

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