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Madat K Trike Front Disc Brake with Screws 220 mm

Madatshop is a direct importer and wholesaler of e-cabin scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes with years of experience.

You benefit from attractive conditions, a large selection of product groups and models and the possibility of servicing your end customers, if desired.


This E CabinScooter front disc brake is compatible with these E cabin scooters:

- Madat K Trike E cabin scooter - Econelo Engel E vehicles

- Econelo Nelo 3.2 E cabin scooter tricycle

- Econelo Nelo 3.1 Electric Scooter

- Geco Sera2 V2 E Cabin Scooter E Cabin Scooter

- Geco Olé V9 E cabin scooter electric car

- Futura Cruise electric cabin scooter

- MOVE Vigorous cabin scooter electric vehicle

- Lima Q3 3 wheel citymobile

- Flistar V6 electric scooter mobility car

- W3 3 wheel cabin scooter

- Stormborn V8 E Trike Scooter

- Yummy moped car cabin scooter

- Vitale Q3 cabin scooter E small car

- Elizzy Comfort tricycle electric scooter


Further information


ORIGINAL front disc brake for these models: Madat K Trike, Econelo Engel, Econelo Nelo 3.2, Econelo Nelo 3.1, Geco Sera2 V2, Geco Olé V9,

Futura Cruise, MOVE Vigorous, Lima Q3, Flistar V6, W3, Stormborn V8, Yummy, Vitale Q3 , Elizzy Comfort.

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