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Madat MQ4 electric small car nz cabin scooter 4 wheel 12 inch Up to 45Km/H (optionally 25 km/h)  100Ah LiFePo4 Battery 80-120km

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Vehicle tax-free (currently tax-free until 2030)/in vehicle class L6e (exactly L6e-CP)!
Cabin rolls are supplied in limited quantities. You can book early by paying a 30% deposit!
The vehicle does not require any special maintenance!


Driving license: from AM (from 15 years old), B and other categories

Marking: Moped marking (small marking)

Insurance: apply with identification together, 50-100 euros per year

Tax: None

TÜV: None

Warranty: 2 years

Service/Repair: During the warranty period of 2 years, repair on site with our service vehicle. Or repair at your local partner workshop. 70 partner workshops across Germany.

Technical data

Maximum speed (km/h): 45km/h

Maximum distance (km): 80-120km

Capacity (person): 2

Curb weight (kg): 282

Motor: EEC 2000W

Battery: 60V 100AH LiFePo4 with BMS self-heating

Type: Hydraulic braking system

Chargers: 16A

Charging time: 6-8 hours

Front: disc

Rear: disc

Front: 125/65-12

Rear: 125/65-12

Wheel hub: aluminum alloy wheel

Tire material: Our winter and summer tires are standard.

Color: Crystal Morandi Powder + White, Glacier Orchid + White, Crystal Haze Orchid + White, Customized

7" touch screen, English subtitles, one-button start, rear view video, power windows - doors, radio, LED light, center console, start/off button, rear view

The speed is adjustable up to 25 km/h and the certificate states 25 km/h.

It has two certificates (for 45 km/h and 25 km/h)


Dimensions in mm

LWH (mm): 2300*1000*1495 (2310*1100*1540 MM)

Wheelbase (mm): 1540


Scope of delivery

E Cabin Scooter

COC paper

Charger device

Remote control door lock



Check battery connections


Brake fluid

Check lighting

Gear oil

Tire inspection

Item specifics

  • Range 80-120 Km
  • Speed 45km/h
  • Motor Power 2000W
  • Battery Type LiFePo4 with BMS self heating
  • Battery Capacity 100AH

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