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Detailed information about the 45 km/h XY e-cabin scooter - summaries and possible additions:


Technical data

- Model: E cabin scooter

- Vehicle class: L7e (exactly L7e-CP)

- Maximum speed: 45 km/h (47 km/h according to the LCD display)

- Motor: 4 kW AC power system

- Range: 80-100 km

- Battery: 100 Ah lead acid, charging time 6-8 hours, nominal voltage 60 V

- Body structure: Four doors + four seats

- Minimum ground clearance: ≥130 mm at full load

- Maximum climbing ability: ≥20%

- Curb weight: 416 kg (without battery)

- Braking system: front wheel disc brake (φ210), rear wheel brake drum (φ180)

- Drive mode: rear-wheel drive

- Steering: rack and pinion

- Dimensions: 2850mm x 1400mm x 1540mm

- Track width: 1940 mm

- Wheelbase: 1200 mm (front) / 1230 mm (rear)

Equipment and options

✓ Safety: Seat belts, electronic turnstile, hill start assistant
✓ Convenience: Multimedia+Bluetooth+USB, electronic glass lift, USB charging in the back seat
✓ Extras: wiper, sprayer, high low speed
✓ Tax and insurance: Vehicle tax-free until 2030, insurance (50-100 € per year), category B driving license

✓ Warranty and service: 2 year warranty, service/repair during the warranty period, 70 partner workshops throughout Germany
THG bonus possible until 2030


included in the delivery are

 E cabin scooter, COC paper, Charger, Remote control door lock.

Maintenance and inspection should be carried out regularly

 - the battery connections, brakes, brake fluid, lighting, gear oil and tires are checked.

An important note is that the electric scooter is exempt from vehicle tax until 2030. In addition, repairs can be carried out either on site with service vehicles or in partner workshops throughout Germany during the 2-year warranty period.

The electric scooter offers a good range and solid features. If you have any further questions or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Item specifics

  • Speed 45 km/h
  • Motor Power 4 kw
  • Battery Capacity 100 ah

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