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Product Description

Elektrofrosch MAX Pickup truck 45 km/h 2500W 

Madatshop is a direct importer and wholesaler of e-cabin scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes with years of experience.

You benefit from attractive conditions, a large selection of product groups and models and the possibility of servicing your end customers, if desired.

Vehicle tax-free (currently tax-exempt until 2030)/in vehicle class L6e (exactly L6e-CP)!

Solar system (optional)/Double battery (optional)/Hardly any costs (2€ electricity costs per 100km)!


Driving license: from AM (from 15 years old), B and other categories

Marking: Moped marking (small marking)

Insurance: apply with identification together, 50-100 euros per year

Tax: None

TÜV: None

Warranty: 2 years

Service/Repair: During the warranty period of 2 years, repair on site with our service vehicle.

Or repair at your local partner workshop. 70 partner workshops across Germany.

Technical data


40 km/h (registered) – real approx. 45 km/h

Engine performance



120 km (double battery pack), 60 km

Axle distance


Track width

875mm (front), 950mm (rear)

Wheel size

100/80-12 (front), 4.00-12 (rear)


4 x disc brakes


Operating voltage: 72V (83V max.)

Battery voltage 12V

1x battery pack: 58Ah

2x battery pack: 2x58Ah

Lead gel battery

Power consumption: 93 Wh/km

(Double battery optional)

Weight: 310kg

Payload: 350 kg (single battery pack), 270kg (double battery pack)

climbing ability

Item Specifications

Speed 40 km/h (approved) - real approx. 45 km/h

Range 120 km (dual battery), 60 kmMotor power 2.5kW


Dimensions in mm

External dimensions

2,700 x 1,168 x 1,870 mm (L x W x H)

Internal dimensions of the charging box

1,070mm x 900mm x 1,170mm (L x W x H)


Scope of delivery

E cabin scooter

COC paper

Charger device

Remote control door lock



Check battery connections


Brake fluid

Check lighting

Gear oil

Tire inspection


Elektrofrosch MAX van 45 km/h 2500W

Double battery (optional)

Mobile, cost-effective and sustainable with your electric frog MAX. Imagine waking up in the morning and something is different. Not just different, but much better. Imagine being able to use new technology to make the transport of goods sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The innovative transport solution from Elektrofrosch makes this possible! At the same time, you can even reduce your energy costs while maintaining the same level of efficiency as before.

You sit comfortably while your load weighing up to 350 kg is safely stowed in the loading cabin. The vehicle is approved for 2 people, experience has shown that traveling with one person is more comfortable. You arrive at your destination relaxed at a conscious speed of 45 km/h. And all at such an affordable price.

No annoying smell of gasoline, no annoying smell of exhaust fumes - just clean, environmentally friendly energy. The Elektrofrosch MAX transports you easily and reliably up to 120 kilometers. With a full battery you can go from Berlin to Potsdam and back again!

The best part? You will never have unexpected, high fuel bills again. Thanks to modern and clean technology, you pay no more than €2 per 100 kilometers.

You also protect our precious planet by reducing CO2 emissions.

Order your new Elektrofrosch Max now and make a conscious decision for sustainable mobility at a cost-effective price.

Often bought together:

With our mobile solar charging station you can charge your Elektrofrosch MAX with self-generated electricity anytime and anywhere. This even makes free electromobility and 100% CO2-neutral transportation possible (apart from the one-off purchase).

Solar system (optional):

150W ± 3% maximum power (Pmax), 18.00V maximum voltage (Vmp), 8.33A maximum current (Imp), 22.50V open circuit voltage (Voc), 8.58A short circuit current (Isc), DC1000 V maximum system voltage, 15 A maximum series fusion, -45 to 80 °C nominal cell operating temperature (NOCT), 10.2 kg weight, dimensions 9855 x 9855 x 300 mm

Fast, strong and cheap!

Experience our Elektrofrosch MAX model from all sides and at full speed. This incredibly versatile electric van is appreciated for transportation, delivery or other services in the city and in the countryside.

An electric panel van (L6E) with a closed cabin and a large bench seat. A closed loading cabin protects the valuable cargo. Load: 350 kg, speed: approx. 45 km/h, range: up to 120 km. Practical and particularly affordable. The electric Frosch MAX offers excellent value for money.

Due to its compact design, the Electric Frog MAX can also get through tight spaces. The loading area is closed, offers plenty of space and your load is well protected.

Please note our information on performance values and an example COC:

We would like to point out once again that all vehicles sold in Germany by Elektrofrosch Berlin have a valid EU COC certificate.

Item specifics

  • Range 120 km (double battery pack), 60 km
  • Speed 40 km/h (registered) - real approx. 45 km/h
  • Motor Power 2.5kW

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