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Right and Left Brake Levers Citycoco Mini / CityRoad

Replace the brake levers of your Citycoco Mini or CityRoad, and continue

enjoying your skate as you did the first day. Completely original and brand new replacement.

How to use

Replace the brake levers with their damaged or damaged brakes and in

a few minutes you can have your Citycoco Mini or CityRoad ready to use.

IMPORTANT: These brake levers are designed for the Citycoco Mini or CityRoad model,

use only the original brake levers supplied by the manufacturer, otherwise there may be

a danger to the safety of the Citycoco Mini or CityRoad.


Original product

Brand new

Compatible with Citycoco Mini or CityRoad


1 x Right Brake Lever

1x Left Brake Lever

Warranty: 2 years

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